Cơ Chế Tham Vấn Song Phương Trung Quốc – Philippines về Biển Đông: Triển Vọng và Thách Thức

Tác giả: Lye Liang Fook

ISEAS Perspective ngày 7 tháng 3 năm 2018



  • An outcome of the turnaround in China-Philippine relations since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office in June 2016 is the Bilateral Consultative Mechanism (BCM) on the South China Sea.
  • China, firmly opposed to the involvement of extra-regional powers or third parties in the South China Sea disputes, regards the BCM as the most practical and feasible way to manage disputes among concerned parties.
  • The two BCM meetings held so far have apparently resulted in the two countries convening technical working groups to work on possible cooperative initiatives. Details have not been made public.
  • In the closely watched oil and gas sector, the two countries are still in the consultative and exploratory stage. The two countries appear mindful of the “painful” lessons from their last collaboration in this same area in 2004-2008.

Tải ấn phẩm tại https://www.iseas.edu.sg/images/pdf/ISEAS_Perspective_2018_14@50.pdf


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